Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, September 25, 2017

Time Flies!

Wow!!! Time is flying by so fast!!! I honestly feel like it was just yesterday that I left Randburg!! Crazy!!! This week was a really good week!! We had the confirmation of Milano which was really good she is super happy!! We were very busy this week going about teaching and having Interviews for Baptism!! So we had exchanges on Friday so that four of our investigators could be interviewed to be baptized on October first and yeah!! So three of them passed and the other did not but we are working with him to overcome some issues with commandments. He should be baptized in a few weeks! So yeah we will be having three baptism next week which will be awesome!! I am super excited to have those! One is the lady that couldn't be baptized due to no water but that is fixed so next week will be great. Nothing else happened this week that was note worthy. Simply we are still out teaching Repentance and helping others come unto Christ! I love you all and I thank you for the support! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, September 18, 2017

Exchanges and Baptism!

This week was a really good week we were able to have two exchanges!! We had one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. The one on Wednesday was the one with the Zone Leaders and I was able to go to a place called Alexandra which is a pretty ghetto township! It was awesome and we had a good time. Elder Trammell went with the other Zone Leader to our area and he got lost twice which was kinda funny!! We then had exchanges with Katlehong on Saturday and that was a good time as well. I had to do some baptismal interviews for a few of their investigators! Yeah so we had a baptism this week as well. Her name is Milano! She is Eleven or so and she is super cool! She is a daughter to a member who is inactive but her Grandmother is active. So yeah that was really cool! We are enjoying a lot this side and having some great success. I love mission so much and it means a lot to me to be here. We also had Interviews which si always nice! I enjoy President Leavitt and he is a good dude!! Anyways I love you all!!

Elder Cowan

Monday, September 11, 2017

Very Average Week!

Well this week was very average!! We had a good time as always but it just was average!! We saw some great people though and we were able to help them progress further! We are having a baptism next week for a girl that we have been teaching on the Alberton side! She is cool and she is happy to be baptized. She is a members Daughter that was never baptized at 8 because they were inactive but yeah they are a cool family! My companion is doing well and he is adjusting into mission life one day at a time so that is good!! We are just having so much success this side and God is truly blessing us! Thank you for all that you all do as well! Love you all!!

Elder Cowan

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Well this week as actually really good!!! We had exchanges on Tuesday and I was able to go to Katlehong with Elder Ratshikhopha. We had a really busy day and the Exchange curse was not there we had 8 lessons which was just awesome!! Thursday we got this really awesome New Investigator! Her name is Bongi and she was referred by her old boss to the church. We went expecting to deliver a Book of Mormon and not teach much and then next thing you know we were there for a hour and a half just answering her questions! It was really great!! She had such a desire to learn so much! She said she would start to read the Book of Mormon and we set up a return appointment for two weeks later to give her time! So that was a highlight! we also got three other new investigators this week as well!! All of which are very very promising! One told us to come every friday till she can get baptized!! So that is great!!! Anyways the rest of the week was uneventful till about Sunday. We were supposed to have a baptism after Church and yeah but due to the Municipality there was no water in the area in the morning and I think even now..... So we could not have the baptism. The thing is the water came out but it was from the Geyser (water heater) then there was no more... So that really sucked!!! Anyways all is well this side and we are still having a lot of success!!! I Love you all!!!
Elder Cowan
P.S. We had transfer news this week and we are staying together. Elder Warnock is coming to Katlehong and I was called again as the District Leader..

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Zone Conference, Baptism, Food Poisoning

Well this week was a really great week here in South Africa! It was a little cold but that is okay I will survive! We had a really awesome Zone Conference this week where we were taught many great things! It was really good to see all the old friends and see all the guys again! Man it is crazy how time flies!! But yeah Zone Conference was just great! We had a baptism this week! The boys name that was baptized is Mayamiko! He is the brother to Karl who was baptized a few weeks back! He was so excited to join the church and he will be confirmed a member next week on Sunday! On Sunday we will be having another baptism which will be awesome!! Her name is Selina and she is just awesome! She was a referral from a member and she has already brought us like 3 new investigators! On Friday I was really sick which sucked!! It was in the morning and I threw up twice! But by the end of the day I was feeling a little bit better! Saturday came and I was fully functional! Anyways that really was the week! Nothing to report on really!! Today is my 21 month mark and that is really cool! THREE more to go!! I will miss it for sure.. Anyways Love you all!!

Elder Cowan

Monday, August 21, 2017

Basic Week

Well this week was a pretty average week for us!!! We were able however to have the Baptismal interview for Miamiko! He is a awesome investigator and he is really excited to be baptized! He is the Brother of Karl and yeah they are a great family!! We were able to put two more people on date for baptism which was great! They were Deborah and he granddaughter Kamogelo! We now have Twelve people on date for baptism. We had to take someone off this week ad we dropped him but yeah it is really exciting! The work is going well here in Germiston! Honestly we had nothing truly extrodinary stand out this week so there is not much to report on. This week in my reading of the Book of Mormon I read Mormon 8 ( ). I really loved rereading this chapter and found so many new things in it! I truly feel for Moroni having no one left to go to and having to basically walk and wander the rest of his life. This chapter is one of many that make the Book real to me. It speaks and there is so much emotion in this chapter. I really just love it! Anyways I love you all! Keep Safe! See you Soon!!

Elder Cowan

Monday, August 14, 2017

Busy week and Stake Conference

Well this week was a really busy week for us here int he area! We met with a lot of people and had some really powerful lessons! We were able to put a investigator that has been coming to church for a little under what he said was six years on date for baptism! That was really cool! He really just wants to change his life and be a better person! This week was also stake conference. I have attended the Bedfordview Stake conference three strait times now! So yeah that dates me here in this zone I am running in total a little under one year in the Zone! Yeah but Stake Conference was nice! There were some really great touching talks that were given! Other than that this week was normal! My son is doing good and is still getting used to SA but yeah all in all we are fine! Love you!
Elder Cowan

Monday, August 7, 2017

Interviews and Gym

So this week was really not to eventful but I will try my best to fill you in! We had interviews this week at the mission home which was really great! We went over some more effective ways of doing companionship study! But yeah the Interview went well and yeah! My companion is doing really great and he like the area! He isnt liking the food much but that is okay he will change. On Sunday we got invited over for some Zulu tradition thing and I think it was probably in the Top ten meals of my whole mission but Elder Trammell really didn't like it to much, like not at all! it was kinda funny!! This week as well we got Gym passes so we actually started that today!! It was really nice to start working out again even thought we awoke at 5 oclock!! it was nice and I am a bit sore but NO PAIN NO GAIN!!! Anyways that was really the week! I just want to thank all of you who sent cards or letters with the package that was sent! It was really nice to see all of those so again thank you! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Son and Two more on Date

Well this week was really interesting! I technically have had about 4 companions through this whole week. The first was Elder Malunga who I lost on Monday. I was then companions with Elder Jennings until Tuesday morning when i got Elder Nielsen for another day. Wednesday is when we received our new missionaries who are fresh from the Provo MTC. My new companion who I am training is Elder Trammell from Clearfield Utah! He is a really cool guy and is willing to work which is all I can ask for!! So yeah anyways back to the week! I was in Katlehong and Germistion on Tuesday which was really cool to go back and see some people!! They are just so great that side and it was nice to see them! Then we picked up our guys on Wednesday and spent most the day that side! But yeah we were able to see a lot of our investigators and we actually were able to put two more on date for baptism for the 3rd of September! So we have 10 people on date which is such a blessing!! The Lord is working great things here in Germistion and I am truly grateful to be serving here for that!! Anyways I love you all and I wish you the best! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, July 24, 2017

Transfers, Baptisms, Temple, Exchanges and Birthday

Well this week was really good!! There were a lot of good things that happened this week and some great memories made. Well to start out transfer news was sent out on Saturday and yeah!! So obviously my companion is leaving and I will be getting a brand new missionary so i am training again. I really excited because the area is really thriving right now and we are having a lot of success. This week we had two Baptism Karl and Nigel. It was really great and they really did have a great experience. They both are about 17 years old and they will be good assets to the ward! We went to the temple on Friday! What a great experience and a great way to spend my birthday! We took some pictures and yeah it was nice! But I will send them next week because I still have to get them from some people. We went to Roco Mamas Friday with Elder Jennings and 'Ahome'e. We had some really good food and had a good time as well! Great way to spend my Birthday. This week as well we had two exchanges one Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. Tuesday we had it with the Zone Leaders so Elder Malunga went with Elder Stevenson to Alexandra which is a pretty ghetto township and Elder Powell went with me to Germiston. It was good and I learned a lot from him. Wednesday I went to Katlehong and it was good seeing some old faces that I havent seen for awhile! But yeah all in all it was a really good week!! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, July 17, 2017

Zone Conference

This week we had the opportunity to have a zone conference! It was really nice and I truly enjoyed! There was a lot talked about and a lot that we have taken in and will apply to our missionary work! We heard a lot about the new mission president MTC meeting and it was really good. There was this really awesome story about two brothers that Elder Holland talked about. This one went out and left home and joined the Hells Angels and traveled around. He came to his sense and headed back toward home but missed it and went to Southern California and joined that side. There he was sitting on his porch and some missionaries walked past his house and his dogs came to the gate and barked and so they kept walking when they both stopped and conversed. They walked back the dogs became quiet and they walk through the gate and went to talk to this guy. He knew missionaries because he grew up on the church in Pocatello Idaho where he ran away from. While the missionaries talked to him one asked where he was from and stated he was from Pocatello. They Elder asked if he knew a certain family and he said yes that is my parents. The Elder then said that he was his brother that he didn't know he had and that the missionary didn't even know of the other brother. IT was just a great small story eventually the man returned home repented and was then married in the temple. This just illustrates the importance of the spirit in missionary work. But yeah this week really wasn't eventful either. We had 13 of out investigators attend church and that was really great to see! But yeah I love you all!!

Elder Cowan

Monday, July 10, 2017

Stolen Stuff and Sickness

Well this week was alright. Just alright nothing to special happened and also nothing terrible happened till Sunday. So this week went like every other week here in SA and as a missionary especially. We did have interviews which is a little different then normal but in general it was normal! Oh yeah before I forget we as a mission have Received Swaziland and part of our mission!! So that is super cool and exciting!! We get 12 missionaries with that country moving over!  But yeah all is well for us and we are surviving this side. I was really sick yesterday and Saturday and still have it today but yeah I am getting better slowly. Also when we at church we had our car opened up and had a camera and a gps stolen. So that suckled really bad!! I am a bit mad about it but oh well! Live and let it go!! But yeah all is well here in South Africa!! I love you guys!! 

Elder Cowan

Thursday, July 6, 2017

This Week

So this week was literally a normal week! It seemed to take forever because transfers usually happen on a Tuesday and we switched companions on a Monday so that through off the whole week. Elder Malunga is a really cool guy and we are having a good time here in Germiston. This week we were able to put 4 more people on date for Baptism which is a real blessing!! So now we have nine people that are preparing to be Baptized by the end of August. We will also have another added to the list after this week! Blessing are coming to this area which is so nice! It has been rough having two missionaries back to back going home but it is fine I am staying strong. Nothing to eventful happened this week other than going to the temple with two of our converts! That was a good experience and they enjoyed I hope!! Haha Anyways I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, June 26, 2017

Bye Bye Gramu

Well today I was able to take Elder Gramu to the Mission office so he will be able to go home! He was really excited and I am glad that he was my companion! He is a really cool guy and yeah! So my new companion is Elder Malunga. I have been a round him a good amount and he will be here for four weeks before he goes home. So i will be here in Germiston for at least one more transfer after this! So yeah this week was really good!1! There were a lot of goodbye with Elder Gramu and also we got to see some new faces. We have this one investigator name Selina and she last week brought two investigators to church and this week she brought another new person! She is awesome and is  doing great missionary work as a investigator. But yeah we are doing really well!! I am loving this area and I have enjoyed so far!! But yeah there is not to much to report on today! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, June 19, 2017


So this week was pretty normal but not at the same time. We start on P-day last week. I was able to go with some other Elder for the night because my companion had his final interview and also the departing Elders dinner with the Leavitts! So that was actually pretty exciting. He enjoyed and I enjoyed as well. He will be going home next week Monday and so then I will be getting my other companion who is going home! We had transfers on Tuesday. Just normal but Katlehong is now in my district! So that was where I was for 7 and a Half months! So that is exciting I will be able to go there on exchanges! WOAH!!!! Haha But yeah literally this week was noramal other than that! But yeah I am doing well and I am staying alive! But I love you all!! Stay well!!

Elder Cowan

Elder Cowan enjoying a sucker! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Transfer News

Sweet... so this week we were able to have transfer news. So I am staying with Elder Gramu for the last 2 weeks of his mission. When he leaves I will being getting a Elder named Elder Malunga. He will be going home at the end of this next transfer and so I will be killing him as well. Then President gave me reassurance stating that next transfer I will be getting a fresh new missionary. So something to look forward to!! But I am really excited for this next few weeks. I have been enjoying Germiston. Anyways also Elder Palkki will be training this transfer so I will be receiving a grandson! That is really exciting and I am glad that he will have that chance to train a Greenie! Also President called me as a district leader and so that is kind of exciting. I don't now anything about my district which is what is scaring me! Anyways nothing to much going on this side! But in general we have six investigators on date! We are super excited for them and they are progressing very well!! Anyways nothing to much to report! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, June 5, 2017

Zone Conference, Baptism and Chickens

Well this week was cool! On Sunday we were able to Baptize the brother of the lady we baptized 2 weeks ago. His name is Kamogelo and he is a really good kid. He has awesome faith for his age and is excited to grow in the Gospel. I had to baptize him three times because his legs would just come up. I told him it was because he did not repent enough. But it was quite funny. We were able to help a member kill some chickens this week and in payment she will give us one of them. So that is a free dinner!!! YAY!! Haha She is really cool and gives us chicken all the time. So yeah that was cool! Also this week we had our Zone Conference. We had some great information given to us and I learned a lot. It is also really nice to be able to see some old missionary friends. But yeah all is going well this side. We are surviving and working pretty well. All in all the work is still good and we are loving Germiston. I love you all! Stay well.

Elder Cowan

Free Meal

Another Chicken Different Day

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Elder Rasband (again)

Okay well this week was very uneventful. On Thursday we had a stake wide meeting with Elder Rasband who spoke to us about temple and getting to love the temple even more! It was a really good meeting and I really enjoyed. We had some really good lessons this week and got to teach some people and have them touched by the spirit. We will be having another Baptism on Sunday and that will be the brother of the person who was baptized last week. So that is very exciting and we are glad to see that happening. Honestly one of the most stand out things that happened as well was that our car was in the service for 2 days... That sucked but oh well it needed to happen. It was also Elder Gramus birthday on Friday and so we had a Braai with some members! So all in all it was a good week! I love you all! 

Elder Cowan

Friday, May 26, 2017

Baptism, Temple, Interviews, Blessings, and Rasband

This week was such a awesome week!! There was just so much that went on and so many great experiences. To start on Sunday we had a baptism of Duduzile! She is a really awesome new convert who has such a great backstory! She is really an inspiration to me! But the Baptism went very well and she was happy to finally get that done after three years. On Friday we were able to head out to the temple to have a session. It was awesome and it was truly a spiritual experience. I learned some new things and I was able to just soak in everything. We had interviews with our mission President this week and we were able to help Sister Leavitt out with making cookies for zone conference coming up next week. The interview went well it was different to what I am used to with President Dunn but it was good. We gave about 4 different blessings this week to people. I was the one to give three o them! One of them was to Sister Karen from Katlehong! She is in Hospital and the Katlehong missionaries could not get to her so they asked us to give it. It was really good and is was good for her she said to see me. Lastly yesterday we were able to have a special mission training with Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. What a amazing meeting. We all got to meet him and shake his hand as well as we heard from him about the Holy Spirit which was his conference talk recently. All in all it was a amazing week and I felt the spirit so strongly! I love you all and stay well!!

Elder Cowan

Making Cookies with Sister Leavitt