Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, January 23, 2017

Schedule Change

Awesome week! So this week was another really powerful one!!! We had a ton of lessons and were really busy!!! We also had a Zone Conference and a Zone Meeting with interviews at the Zone Conference! So yeah lets get started! This week we got some really powerful new investigators! One of which is named Maria! She is a colored lady that stays in the really scary colored part of our township. She was super cool and was willing to learn from us. She loves Christ and loves to read so she was excited to get the Book of Mormon. She was a referral from the Alberton missionaries and yeah I am excited to teach her more!! We also saw the two people who will be baptized on the 5th of February. (Tholoana and Sibusiso). They are so good and they are really excited to be baptized! They are committed to learning and growing in the Gospel!. We tried to put this sweet Father led Family on date but he was not ready! His kids are super prepared but we will see the next coming weeks how they progress! So this week at Zone Conference President Dunn announced that the schedule has changed. We now leave the Flat at 9:30 and not even have a set companionship study! We have thirty minutes to do it throughout the day as well as only a thirty minute lunch!! But yeah it is actually really nice! So we also get home at 8:30 instead of 9:30 pm so that is a change as well!! But I really like it and It is a good change! All in all everything is going well!! I love you all and wish you the best!! 

Elder Cowan

FHE with the Ainsworth Family

Mission President visiting the Bedfordview Zone

Monday, January 16, 2017

#Team Jesus

So we went to Krispy Kremes last week and the lady who wrote on our box said #TEAMJESUS on it so that started this huge inside joke with some Elders in the Zone. So this week we all decide to write it on our "massive" Biceps that we have been working out all week. So yeah Elder Brumtons are bigger than our faces so it is kinda humiliating but whatever I am not bitter! Haha. This week was super powerful!!! probably one of my most busiest weeks which is really good. WE had I believe around 29 lessons. That still is not a lot but for this area its a step up. So I am glad to see all the success that we are having. We should have 2 people baptized on the 5th and maybe like 3 on the 19th of February.  I am stoked for those to go through! We saw some really powerful members as well as less active as well!! They were all super chill and nice to go and see. This week we went on exchanges with Elder Malunga and Elder Weidman! It was really nice and I went with Elder Malunga! He is a powerful missionary and a very good teacher as well!! But yeah other than that we had a normal week on mission!! I love it here!! I love you guys as well!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, January 9, 2017

Funny Prank

Well I will start off with the highlight of the week! It happened Thursday night when we were picking up the Vooslorus Elders from their area! Eastfield was at the house as well as Germiston due to them being picked up/ picking up. So we get there and one of the Elders is hiding and they say he was feeling bad and he was at the toilet for like thirty minutes. So Elder Malunga took Elder Kealer to talk to him and see how he is doing. Meanwhile I sit down and see Elder Ngilazi hiding and he moves to a better place to hide. We then proceed to convince Elder Kealer that he ran away with some girls (knowing this Elder it was possible). So we talk Elder Kealer in to just leaving him and teaching him a lesson. He agrees after some persuasion and we leave. The other guys stayed a little longer and brought him back and then we had a meeting how to deal with Ngilazi. In the end we decided to "have him pay us to keep quiet". Elder Kealer this whole time was freaking out and was torn to do the right thing or the wrong thing so he plead the 5th and walked into another room. Then Elder Ngilazi went in and just started Laughing the whole  time and yeah really funny!! I felt bad so we will go out to lunch soon and I will buy. But yeah this week was actually really powerful. We started to teach a lady that has cancer! She is related to a member and has a strong christian background. She is soo cool and we will start the Plan of Salvation this week! We taught what I would call the make or break lessons to Godswill and Dumazile (Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom). So yeah they took it well and committed to live them both.They disappointed us though when they did not come to church but oh well I guess. But yeah all is well down here in South Africa! We have 5 investigators on date and we are shooting for 2 more coming up so it is great!! I am excited! Anyways Love you guys! 

Elder Cowan

Elder Lambert

Elder Smith

Elder Reid

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Okay This week was pretty decent!! Nothing insane happened but yeah it went by ike any other week!! But yeah lets see this week we found out that we have a stake conference on the 29th of January and guess what we have 3 people scheduled and ready for baptism that day. So we have to move them! Tholoana will not be the happiest cause its her B-day and she wanted too be baptized on her birthday!! So yeah that will be interesting! This week was a little bit slower than the rest though. We had many dropped appointments due to people out of town!!! So that is no good!! But we found some really cool people this week!! One is a investigators mother in law who is staying for a few weeks!! She was really cool and really intrigued by the message of the restoration! So score!!!! Also we taught Anne who is a coloured girl! She actually lives in a place called Soweto but she works in our area and she is always there. Plus the missionaries do not go to where she live cause it is not safe at all!! But yeah that really was the week not much happening here!! Sadly!! But yeah All is well just super hot!!! I will survive though!!! Love ya all!!! 

Elder Cowan