Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, August 21, 2017

Basic Week

Well this week was a pretty average week for us!!! We were able however to have the Baptismal interview for Miamiko! He is a awesome investigator and he is really excited to be baptized! He is the Brother of Karl and yeah they are a great family!! We were able to put two more people on date for baptism which was great! They were Deborah and he granddaughter Kamogelo! We now have Twelve people on date for baptism. We had to take someone off this week ad we dropped him but yeah it is really exciting! The work is going well here in Germiston! Honestly we had nothing truly extrodinary stand out this week so there is not much to report on. This week in my reading of the Book of Mormon I read Mormon 8 ( ). I really loved rereading this chapter and found so many new things in it! I truly feel for Moroni having no one left to go to and having to basically walk and wander the rest of his life. This chapter is one of many that make the Book real to me. It speaks and there is so much emotion in this chapter. I really just love it! Anyways I love you all! Keep Safe! See you Soon!!

Elder Cowan

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