Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


This week was actually not to exciting!! The only two things that were different was that I was sick for a day and a half and the Baptism. I will start with the sickness! It hit on Wednesday mid day and lasted basically all day Thursday so we did not even get out which sucked. But yea to the good part the Baptism!! It was awesome!!! He was really excited for it and a bit nervous. He though I would not be able to pull him out of the water due to him being a big guy. But it went very well which is great! So yeah that is really about it for the whole baptism thing! I forgot that this week is transfers! and for the news.............. Elder Bakes is leaving!! So that means I am staying and my new companion is a guy named Elder Chirwa. I believe he is from South Africa which is cool! We will see how this transfer goes. Hopefully well! Plus I am back Driving!!!! YAY!!!!! Anyways that is the week for you have a good week!! Love you all!

Elder Cowan

Monday, May 23, 2016



This week was a very good week!! Part of what made it good as exchanges! I went off to the village of Phokeng for a day and rode a bike with Elder Phiri and Elder Bakes stayed behind with Elder Mpiyakhe. It felt good to work out on the bike instead of being in a car the whole day! Another thing that made it good is that we saw a lot of our investigators as well as meeting a lot of new investigators. One of the new ones who we taught was a family that Elder Bakes and Elder Mpiyakhe met while on those exchanges. There were two older Ladies and a younger 18 year old boy. The boy was the one who was more interested and had a lot of questions which shows his desire to learn. We also had Moven's baptismal interview! He passed with flying colors and is excited to be baptized on the 29th! He asked me to baptize him and the Elder that was here before me to Confirm him! So that will be a really exciting Sunday next week! I am really stoked to see him enter those waters! This week should be nice especially today! We are having a zone activity where we all payed and bought a pig from a member and he is cooking it for us while we play sport! So that should be really fun but we will see. But yanno that is not why we are out here. We are out here to help others to come unto Christ and be saved. I know that and it is what we have been doing out here in Johannesburg. I know that as we put our 100% effort out there and simply Invite we will find joy. I have seen that and I know I will continue to see and feel of that joy. So as much fun as I will have today I will have moretomorrow while we go back out to work! I know the Gospel is true and I know there is no other way except through the atonement we can be saved. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

~Elder Cowan

Monday, May 16, 2016


This week was a pretty crazy week!! First off we had to drive down 2 hours to our Zone Leaders flat to sleep due to interviews and also workshops at the mission home! So that kind of sucked! But then that Tuesday we had to drive all the way back to Rustenburg, another 2 hour drive. We then had a few normal days as well as having the Zone leaders come and go out for a day with us. It was nice and we made some good contacts and hopefully have some new investigators. But yeah that was nice and then that Tuesday we got to drive all the way back to their flat! Yay!!!!! not really. But we got about 30 minutes down the road and one of the Elders forgot his temple recommend and we had to go all the way back to get it for them! then we went back! So then that next moring we got to go to temple!!! That was awesome as always! It is always a spiritual experience going there and feeling the spirit! But yeah it was nice as always. So yeah that was all that really stood out this week nothing super crazy! But yeah I did see one of the worst accidents I have seen in my life! It was between a Taxi and a Truck and it was just bad! It was crazy to see that Destruction very shortly after it had happened. Anyways I hope everyone has a great week and is safe! Love you all! 

Elder Cowan

                               Interviews and Workshops at the Mission Home!

Lots and lots of DRIVING!

Monday, May 9, 2016


This week was a awesome week with lessons as well as with as the title says SKYPING!! It was really good to see the families faces and to talk to them and to see how they are doing. But yeah this week we saw some really cool investigators! Hopefully they will be able to make the commitments necessary for baptism! We will see very shortly though! We also went to a place called Sun City which is pretty close to here! It was fun and I got some really cool pictures that will be posted next week! But yeah nothing super eventful other than the fact we saw some guy get hit by a car. We stopped but we could not help due to rush hour traffic. There were people helping already which is good! Hopefully the guy is alright though! Anyways that is really about it this week! Hope all is well with everyone. Love you all!!!

Elder Cowan

Video Coming soon!

Monday, May 2, 2016



Man this place is sooooo hot!!!! But yeah this week was a good week. we had a lot of lessons fall though from people forgetting or they were "busy". But on the bright side we saw a lot of less actives which is always good. Hopefully as we continue to see them we will get them to come to church which is the second step of re-activation. The first is getting them to feel the spirit which is were we come in and that has been accomplished. We also had this really unique lesson where we taught the whole first lesson and as soon as we were about to finish the guys pastor walked in. So we also basically taught him the whole first lesson as well. He actually didn't have any bias on the Book of Mormon. So that is good. He just basically said scripture has to be directed to Christ which the Book of Mormon does. It was also the first white people that were investigators that I have taught so it was kind of weird. But yeah this week has gone good hopefully next week will go better though. But yeah not much at all to report from the Rustenburg heat so that could be good and bad but yeah!! Have a great week!! Love you all
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