Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, October 16, 2017

Six weeks... One and a Half months...... One Transfer......

Wow... It is crazy that I find myself in the Final transfer of my mission... It is crazy to try and comprehend how fast time can fly. I am just grateful to be here and serve the Lord. That is something I have learned and that is what keeps me going day to day. 

This week was a very nice week for a week six of transfers. We were actually able to get a really awesome referral of a family in the Alberton ward. They have such a strong desire to know God and go to church! We met with the husband this week and he was just s excted to ahve us and it helps they stay two houses down in a complex from the Chapel. We had a baptism this week which was actually really powerful! This guy has been coming to church for years now and finally he changed his life enough to make the Baptismal covenant. He is so cool. But yeah we are doing good work here and I will be finishing here for the last six weeks. My son and I will stay together as well and yeah that will be nice! In general I am excited but scared to go home as well. I will miss it here for sure. Last night we saw a member and they had a Snake and a Tarantula and both scared me so I didnt hold them but my comp did.. It was creepy but kinda cool. But yeah that was the Highlights of the week! I love you all! and I wish you the best.

Elder Cowan

Monday, October 9, 2017

Zone Conferance

This week was a pretty bland week!! But there were some highlights so I will emphasize them. Well we had Zone Conferance this week which is alwasys great! We were taught about grace and yeah it was nice. Presidet Leavitt brought down fire on those who are disobiedient so that was good that needed to happen. But yeah the worst part was the food and that was not even that bad. I was able to take a few pictures with the three sons so that was really good as well. Sadly Elder Palkkis son Elder Lee was not there to get in on the picture. We will be having a baptism next week which will be good! He was interviewed on Friday and passed. This week we also watched General Conferance! That was really nice!!! It is so great to be able to hear from God's servants here on Earth. I loved Elder Ellis's talk! I have met him a few times this side and he is a really good guy! Anyways that is the Update this week!! I love you all!!! See you in 7 weeks!

Elder Cowan

Monday, October 2, 2017


Well this week went very well!! We had the opportunity of having three baptisms and all of them went very well! It was sad though because the First lady was getting into the font and slipped and fell. She was fine and we still baptized her. I told her to hold onto the handrail but she didn't listen.... Haha Oh well. She is doing fine and was happy to be baptized. I was able to baptize the two older ladies and Elder Trammell the Younger girl. So that was really great to see. We were able to have three new investigators this week which was good as well. They are all really cool and there is some potential there for sure! On Thursday we had a really spirit filled lesson as we taught this GOLDEN investigator!! It was our second time seeing her and she had great questions about what we do and especially about the Book of Mormon! So yeah it was cool but what made it great was near the end the spirit was just strong as we bore testimony of the Godhead. The impression came to invite her to baptism as she has the spirit confirm to her our words. I being scared and let fear in ignored the prompting and I was kinda fighting it. Well as a few minutes went by Elder Trammell had the same feeling and he acted on it and gave her a soft commitment for baptism. GUESS WHAT! She accepted after we had to explain why baptism by authority is important and not just by anyone. We didn't set a date because she wants to pray and get a answer but it was great! We have literally taught her formally about the godhead in about the 2 hours we have met with her. The rest of the time is just questions! SO AWESOME! So yeah listen to the spirit!! Because I didn't but thankfully my comp did! Anyways that is the week! Nothing to crazy other than that! Love you all!!

Elder Cowan

Monday, September 25, 2017

Time Flies!

Wow!!! Time is flying by so fast!!! I honestly feel like it was just yesterday that I left Randburg!! Crazy!!! This week was a really good week!! We had the confirmation of Milano which was really good she is super happy!! We were very busy this week going about teaching and having Interviews for Baptism!! So we had exchanges on Friday so that four of our investigators could be interviewed to be baptized on October first and yeah!! So three of them passed and the other did not but we are working with him to overcome some issues with commandments. He should be baptized in a few weeks! So yeah we will be having three baptism next week which will be awesome!! I am super excited to have those! One is the lady that couldn't be baptized due to no water but that is fixed so next week will be great. Nothing else happened this week that was note worthy. Simply we are still out teaching Repentance and helping others come unto Christ! I love you all and I thank you for the support! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, September 18, 2017

Exchanges and Baptism!

This week was a really good week we were able to have two exchanges!! We had one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. The one on Wednesday was the one with the Zone Leaders and I was able to go to a place called Alexandra which is a pretty ghetto township! It was awesome and we had a good time. Elder Trammell went with the other Zone Leader to our area and he got lost twice which was kinda funny!! We then had exchanges with Katlehong on Saturday and that was a good time as well. I had to do some baptismal interviews for a few of their investigators! Yeah so we had a baptism this week as well. Her name is Milano! She is Eleven or so and she is super cool! She is a daughter to a member who is inactive but her Grandmother is active. So yeah that was really cool! We are enjoying a lot this side and having some great success. I love mission so much and it means a lot to me to be here. We also had Interviews which si always nice! I enjoy President Leavitt and he is a good dude!! Anyways I love you all!!

Elder Cowan

Monday, September 11, 2017

Very Average Week!

Well this week was very average!! We had a good time as always but it just was average!! We saw some great people though and we were able to help them progress further! We are having a baptism next week for a girl that we have been teaching on the Alberton side! She is cool and she is happy to be baptized. She is a members Daughter that was never baptized at 8 because they were inactive but yeah they are a cool family! My companion is doing well and he is adjusting into mission life one day at a time so that is good!! We are just having so much success this side and God is truly blessing us! Thank you for all that you all do as well! Love you all!!

Elder Cowan

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Well this week as actually really good!!! We had exchanges on Tuesday and I was able to go to Katlehong with Elder Ratshikhopha. We had a really busy day and the Exchange curse was not there we had 8 lessons which was just awesome!! Thursday we got this really awesome New Investigator! Her name is Bongi and she was referred by her old boss to the church. We went expecting to deliver a Book of Mormon and not teach much and then next thing you know we were there for a hour and a half just answering her questions! It was really great!! She had such a desire to learn so much! She said she would start to read the Book of Mormon and we set up a return appointment for two weeks later to give her time! So that was a highlight! we also got three other new investigators this week as well!! All of which are very very promising! One told us to come every friday till she can get baptized!! So that is great!!! Anyways the rest of the week was uneventful till about Sunday. We were supposed to have a baptism after Church and yeah but due to the Municipality there was no water in the area in the morning and I think even now..... So we could not have the baptism. The thing is the water came out but it was from the Geyser (water heater) then there was no more... So that really sucked!!! Anyways all is well this side and we are still having a lot of success!!! I Love you all!!!
Elder Cowan
P.S. We had transfer news this week and we are staying together. Elder Warnock is coming to Katlehong and I was called again as the District Leader..