Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, November 28, 2016

Great Week!

Well this week was actually really good!! We saw a lot of investigators and really did not have to many dropped appointments!! So that is always a bonus! Also I did not get sick this week so also a bonus! We started teaching Dumazile this week and it was a great lesson!! She is super powerful for not even knowing anything about Jesus or the Old Testament! So it was kinda a shakey start to teaching but we found our grove which was good!! We saw her on Tuesday and then went back on Saturday night to drop off the Life of Christ DVD so she can learn more about what Christ did and what it means to her. When we stopped by we first saw a crazy fight kinda in front of her place!! We were just about to get out of our car when I felt a bit uneasy for some reason ( later to find our it was the spirit) and Elder Kealer just opened his door and I was just like wait a minute. So he closed his door and basically as soon as he did that two cars came around the corner where we were facing and one cut the other off and slammed on its brakes the other did not hit it but it was blocked. So the driver of car 1 got out and pulled the driver out of the other car and they fought and yeah so that was about 10 minutes of just fighting they both were drunk so yeah. It was a cool experience. So we went after that and saw her and Her husband was there and we finally met him! He was super enthusiastic about us and yeah!! He said he has questions for us that the other churches cannot answer!! So he said he would join us next time we come by which is tomorrow! I am super excited for that lesson as well!! We also committed a boy named Sibusiso to baptism and he said yes! he is about 18 and so his friend is a member and we just started teaching him like two weeks back! So that also was a highlight for the week!! So all in all it was a good week! I encourage all of you to participate in #lighttheworld ! It is so inspired and it will be a good way to remember Christ this holiday season! Go to to learn more!!! Anyways I love you all and thank you for the support this past year!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, November 21, 2016


It is crazy to thing that this coming Thursday will be my hump day! IT feel like yesterday I was in a plane flying here with a  bloody nose but nope that was a year and it is just so surreal that it has been that long. We will be celebrating with a Thanksgiving meal Thursday and will be having a good time hopefully. We will see if the others are down to make food and stuff!! So yeah this week was pretty normal we had some cool lessons we finally got to see Eric who just asked us questions for a hour or so and it was great! We taught him more about the Book of Mormon and he committed to read it better than he was. We also got this cool new family we will be teaching. We have only met the wife and she was nice and invited us back when her Husband is home. The husband loves English and likes to read so that will be a plus in out favor. We have been continuing in the Book of Mormon in 100 days and it is so great and such an inspired challenge. I am learning so much more than I ever thought! We have been chowing and feasting on the words of Christ amd just feeling the Spirit!! I am super excited to finish this round of reading in a month! I have grown while doing it and I know those who are doing it in the mission are growing as well. As I just reflect on the past year I have seen a growth in spirit and in ways I cannot even describe!! It is something I just have loved and will continue to love throughout my life! I look forward to what one more year will do to me and what I will experience in that year. I dont know what will happen but I know it will be for my own good. This work is true and we all have something we can contribute to it. I know the best thing we can do is to "be thou an example of the believers". I just love those here who are those examples and make it so much easier for us to do our work instead of clean up duty. I love you all and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

~Elder Cowan

Monday, November 14, 2016


This week was full of so much rain! There were many people killed in the Gauteng province with all the rain. Elder Kealer and I saw a Taxi stuck in the water with like people on top of it. It was just insane we also had like huge hail stones about a inch big which was insane as well! It literally look like it snowed I will send pictures next week!! But we were hit hard in the middle of the lesson and we had to stop so we could move the car so it did not get stuck!! It was awesome ut bad at the same time. We stepped out literally for 40 seconds all together and we were soaked to the bone!! But yeah it was nice and also some of the worst lighting I ever have seen!! We had some awesome lessons this week with the investigators we have. We saw Tholoana and she told her mother this week she is joining our church and she said she could when she doesnt live at the house anymore but she will come around eventually! We still have a few months till baptism!! So yeah the week was really good we said good bye to Elder Weg as well and he is now gone!! Stay well!! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, November 7, 2016

HOT and Braai!

Man this week the weather has been heating up so much!! I am dying here hah!! But I am keeping up on my fluids mom don't worry!;) This week was a little slow but good all at the same time! We had a temple trip which is always good and we got to help in a baby blessing so it was great. We had some great lessons with some of our investigators and were able to clear some things up with them as well!! Eish it is so hard for people tog et to church around this area though! The chapel is a few Ks out and it is about a 13 rand taxi fare there and then the same back. So it is sad to see awesome investigators not be able to get to church due to money. But we are working on it for sure!! Training is going very well!! Elder Kealer is such a good missionary and awesome companion. We get along very well!! Yesterday we had a farewell Braai (barbecue) for one of the Elders at our flat complex. he leaves on Friday! Elder Weg is a awesome guy and has put in a good two years!! So that was really fun! But yeah this week was just great! I love the temple and the spirit is just soooo strong there! I love it!! Have a great week! I love yall!! 

Elder Cowan