Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, August 29, 2016

Return to Randburg

This week was sooo cool!!! I dont know if you all remember Costa that really golden guy from Randburg? Well He was Baptized yesterday in Randburg! I was asked to baptized him and it was super cool!! It was a great service and a great baptism all together!! Sadly missionaries were just taken out of Randburg for some reason but they will return hopefully! I was able to take some pictures with some people in Randburg that I did not get to say goodbye to! So it was a awesome Sunday! So yeah it was just a great day!! Randburg is actually a really cool and welcoming area and they welcomed me back really well which was nice!! So This week we had Transfers which is really cool! So we did that on Tuesday! But this week was really cool because of that! Elder Furgeson is a great guy from Northern Utah! So he is a a big dude which is good no one will mess with us! HAha I am kidding!! But yeah this week we started teaching this new girl that is one of the members sister! So she is actually having a Kid soon so I do not know when we will see her again! So yeah that is the most eventful thing that happened this week! Hopefully as the week progresses we will have some more success! Ernest's confirmation will happen next week which will be awesome! Anyways I love you all!! Have a great week!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, August 22, 2016

Baptism and Transfers!

Well this week was actually pretty decent! I will start with the baptism we had on Sunday! It was such a great service! Most likely the best one I have been to so far! We had some great talks by members in the ward which is always nice and then we had the baptism. Myself and a another member baptized him due to the member not being able to get him out of the water. So he was the voice and we both helped him in the water and out! So it was not the most typical baptism. Then we had the member that was friends with him for over 45 years shared a few words which was awesome because he talked about Brother Earnests wife who had passed away very recently and how it pushed him to the gospel! So it was just awesome!! So transfer news came on Saturday as well so that is the other eventful thing that happened this week! Elder Shava is leaving and I am receiving Elder Ferguson. He was actually with me in the MTC which is nice. If you remember Dad he is the big dude whos Dad was wearing a full suit as well at the airport when I left. He is the really big guy! So I am super stoked for this transfer! I think a lot of work will get done here in Katlehong! Oh yeah Elder Shava is going to a place called Tsakane. So yeah this week was pretty great! Those were just the two big events that happened this week! We also got this super powerful Investigator who just called us and wanted us to come which is just awesome!! We will see him again this week hopefully! But yeah have a great week!! Love ya all!! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, August 15, 2016

Stake Conference!

This week we had the Bedfordview Stake Conference! It was actually really good!! There were some super powerful speakers and I did not get bored like normal! Haha But yeah we had two of our investigators who came! I think they really enjoyed it! This week we also had a baptismal interview for one of those investigators and he passed! He will be baptized next week on the 21st of August! He is super cool and has been coming to church for like 7 months! So he finally decided to get dunked which is good! This week we also received this referral for this family who wanted the Book of Mormon. They were so cool! We only taught the mother and the three sons but it was still nice. They go to the Anglican church and have very strong faith in Jesus Christ. The Father is actually training to become a priest in the church so that will make teaching very interesting! We may have a few bible bashes but hopefully not! But yeah all in all it was a great week and I look forward for next week as well!! Love you all! 

Elder Cowan

Monday, August 8, 2016


This week was pretty good! We had exchanges with the zone leaders. I headed out to Edenvale with Elder Downs from Kansas who goes home this transfer sadly! He is actually one of my good friends here on mission! Elder Shava went with Elder Mugenyi who is form Uganda I believe. I am not quite sure about that one. So that day was awesome! We did service at a snake park that the Bishop owns. It gave me the willies but it was fun! I hate snakes but man Elder Downs was fearless to them. He even took out the Cottonmouths out of there cages and into buckets so we could clean the cage. We did have some powerful lessons through out the week but nothing that stood out enough to explain! We had Interviews on Thursday as well. It was a really good time! I always enjoy interviews with President because we just get to sit down and talk! It is crazy to think that I have about 1/3 of my mission done! The time has flown so fast and it will get a lot faster as time goes on! But yeah this week was really good! I hope you guys are well! Stay well!! Love ya all! 

Elder Cowan

Interviews at the Mission Presidents office. 

"The second group of the day added some flapjacks that Elder Cowan made and brought. They were delicious and added a nice touch to put with the stew as a savory crepe. Elders are invited to bring recipes and share and to bring the food as a sample if they can"

Monday, August 1, 2016

Great Lessons!

This week was actually pretty decent!! We had some really solid lessons with our investigators!! Hopefully they have been touched and will be able to come to the knowledge of the truth!! One of my favorite lessons this week was Tuesday! We were with a less active member and we decided to watch a Mormon message by President Monson which is the Dare to be a Mormon. After watching that we watched a few I'm a Mormon videos and then talked about the importance of leaving as an example to everyone we meet. It was really touching as she walked away with tears to get a tissue and saying she wished her sister who is super less active was there. But I think we sparked something in her and she is going to work with her sister to get her back! Oh this week I had Tripe for the first time which is Cow intestines! It was not that bad actually! Sadly we were unable to see this new Investigator from the other week who has been taught awhile back by the missionaries. So that was a bummer but it is fine! This week I also started to read Genesis and I will be going through the whole bible! It is always so nice to read through the creation and learn of all that! But yeah that was this week nothing to special going on here in South Africa! Elections for local government are on Wednesday, so that will be really crazy! Anyways have a good week! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan