Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, October 3, 2016

Transfer News

Whelp really not a lot going on around here! We have been teaching in both Katlehong and Eastfield and have putting in some good work! This Saturday we received our transfer news..... DRUM ROLL......... I am getting a  new companion named Elder Souza! he was actually in Randburg right before I got there and he is a really good friend of mine.I am super stoked about it and we will have a good time! From what I have heard it will be very temporary though because my companion was having Visa troubles. So we will see what happens after a couple of weeks! But I will be staying Katlehong for at least another 6 weeks! I am stoked cause we get fed a lot!! I am pushing about 85 Kilos or around 185 pounds! So it is nice!! But yeah that is all that has really happened this week! I am sad because we wil be taking these other guys to the Area and Picking them up so we have to trade cars for one with a bike rack.. I will miss my Nissan Almera! Haha But I think everything is well here and we are having a good time. We get to watch conference next week as well which will always be a treat! I hope everyone is well!! Love ya!! 

Elder Cowan

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