Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sushi and New Investigators

Okay well this week was pretty powerful! It all started at a all you can eat Sushi shop on Monday! It was very good and I felt like I may have ate a little to much but it was definitely worth it! We had a good time there and we stayed for like 3 hours!! But yanno we had a Elder break the record in the Zone! He ate 50 pieces!! It was crazy! Also this week we had a chance to follow up on some contacts that we had as well as some referrals that we received. All those that we saw were super powerful and super prepared for the gospel! They enjoyed and there were 5 throughout the week! Each one invited us back and each one commited to read the Book of Mormon and the Pamphlet of the Restoration. We will see this next week if they are "Jokers" or not but I have a hope they are not! We also got the chance to commit Regina and her Sister Palesa to baptism. We have done our Job now the spirit has to do its job. I know it will and that they will know the Church is true! We have been struggleing with Eric. He just wants to know everything there is before he commits to baptism and a date. He struggles we have heard with the Church being the only true church, But he has not brought that up to us yet. He has only missed one day of church since I have been here and he attends a Family home evening with his Neighbors! He is basically a member but WILL NOT COMMIT! SO we are working with him and soon enough he will be there! I think my self that he is not praying or reading but I will bring it up next time we see him! Anyways this work is true and the gospel is true! I love you guys Stay well! 

Elder Cowan

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