Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, September 26, 2016

Bubble Soccer and Good bye Elder Furgeson

Well, this week was super interesting!! Let me start with one of the fun things that happened! So we had our zone activity this week and we played bubble soccer. Well actually it turned to Bubble British bull dog. It was super fun but super hot!! I felt like I was just roasting to death! This week has been crazy hot and I have been dying!! But the whole bubble thing was fun!! The next event that happened was Elder Furgeson leaving pretty suddenly! I saw it coming but I thought it would be a little bit later on! So yeah it is crazy! I found out last Monday night and he left Tuesday at around 4. So now I am in another threesome and I am with Elder Opolot form Uganda and Elder Masiya from Malawi. It was actually a really good week though we are covering Katlehong as well as Eastfield (their area). We are just neighbors so it is not that bad! So another thing this week was that it was Heritage Day so everyone from here dressed up in the Cultural outfits and so that was fun to see! Even the next day they came to church in them!! So yeah it was a great week and a sad week! It sucks to see Furgeson go but it was for the best I believe! We will see what this next transfer has in store maybe I will stay with some one else or I will leave who knows!! Anyways I love ya all!! Stay well!

Elder Cowan

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