Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, October 31, 2016

ET, Greenie, Interviews, and getting Sick!

Well this week was utterly insane!! It was just chalked full of stuff.On Monday we found out that Elder Souza is finally going back to Randburg to finish his mission. :,( So that means I would be getting a new companion here in Katlehong. So they told me I would be getting an elder that has bee out for about 3 weeks in the field and that I would be training him! So that is exciting. So yeah his name is Elder Kealer. I will send pictures next week! But he is really cool. He is from a place called Peoria, Arizona it is kinda close to Pheonix. Anyways he is awesome and willing to work which is great to have a companion who actually wants to do that hah! Souza was good with that but the last few have been rough. So yeah on Tuesday we did not get to the Area till like 6 because there was a mix up with him cause he thought that he would be leaving on Wednesday! But then it was Tuesday so I sat around at the office for 5 hours! YAY! Not. But then Wednesday we back to the Mission Home and had interviews which are always just the best!! We had a great time as well!! So yeah! This Friday was bad due to me getting food poisoning and being sick all day! So this week was really slow!!! But it was worth it! So I will probably end up being in Katlehong for a bit longer!! Eish that will be nice cause of all that food we get!! Haha anyways I love you all!! Stay well. 

Elder Cowan

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