Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, November 7, 2016

HOT and Braai!

Man this week the weather has been heating up so much!! I am dying here hah!! But I am keeping up on my fluids mom don't worry!;) This week was a little slow but good all at the same time! We had a temple trip which is always good and we got to help in a baby blessing so it was great. We had some great lessons with some of our investigators and were able to clear some things up with them as well!! Eish it is so hard for people tog et to church around this area though! The chapel is a few Ks out and it is about a 13 rand taxi fare there and then the same back. So it is sad to see awesome investigators not be able to get to church due to money. But we are working on it for sure!! Training is going very well!! Elder Kealer is such a good missionary and awesome companion. We get along very well!! Yesterday we had a farewell Braai (barbecue) for one of the Elders at our flat complex. he leaves on Friday! Elder Weg is a awesome guy and has put in a good two years!! So that was really fun! But yeah this week was just great! I love the temple and the spirit is just soooo strong there! I love it!! Have a great week! I love yall!! 

Elder Cowan

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