Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, July 11, 2016


Well I will start with the Title! This week we found out our transfer news! I am Leaving Rustenburg!! I am going to a place called Katlehong which is close to a place called Germiston and Bedfordview. I am excited to head over to that side! I will be in a flat complex with at least 6 other missionaries!! It will be a fun transfer!! My new companion is from Zimbabwe his name is Elder Shava! He was actually in my MTC group which is super cool! I am stoked! So yeah I am leaving here so there should be some pictures with members in the ward so yeah!! Last week on Monday we went back to Sun City!! It was fun we did the maze this time and it was quite lameo!!! But it was good to actually do something for P-day!! Today we also went out to a place called Pilanesburg! It is a game reserve and it was pretty cool! We got really close to some animals as well as almost hitting a Zebra!! It walked right in front of us!! We did not see any lions though!! Which is sad! But yeah this week was really really long!! We had a lot of cancellations this week as well just as last week but it is okay! Anyways this week really was not eventful other than the temple trip which we had on Friday! The temple is always such a great place to go!! I love it there so much! Anyways not much to report I hope everyone is well!! Love ya!!! 

Elder Cowan

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