Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Looong Week!

This week actually had some really good parts and some really long parts. But let us start with the good parts!! On Tuesday we had what we call the F.I.T. Elders. Also know as the Finding Investigators Team. Essentially they come into a area and Blitz the area! It was really really Awesome!! I love going around talking to people on the road! Which is literally all we did!! With two lessons places through out the day! It was so cool! We talked to over 161 people that day and I think we gave out over 50 copies of the Book of Mormons. So that was really cool we have over 27 Potential Investigators that we need to call as well! So the area is picking up now which is great!! I actually would love to be part of that F.I.T. companionship and go to all these areas and talk to people!! At the end of the week however the work really sucked!! We only had like 3 lesson from Wednesday to Friday.. which was really bad. So yeah this week was eh! We did have like 4 investigator lessons on Saturday which was super awesome!! But yeah not to much to write about this week! Just kind of the same old same old! Happy 4th of July as well!! WOOO!! Haha Love you all!! 

Elder Cowan 

Fun Pictures from a Member in the Ward Clara Smith

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