Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Week...

This week was actually a pretty average week!! Just still learning the new area which is always pretty rough! We have some really cool and powerful members that come out with us a lot. We never really have to worry about having a member present at our lessons which is cool! Another good thing here is that we get fed every single day and then twice on Friday and Sunday. It is awesome because I dont have to cook at all! This week we were able to put two of our Investigators on date for baptism. The first is Earnest who was taught by the old missionaries in Katlehong 1 and the next is Mxolisi who is a young boy that has failed to interview like twice due to forgetting everything he knows and has learned. So we are going to work with them and get them ready! My birthday this week was just a normal day in the mission field. I basically forgot it was my birthday until President called and said happy birthday! So it was weird. But yeah not to much to report here from South Africa just that it is really cold today. Have a great week and I love you guys.

Elder Cowan

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