Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, March 27, 2017

Little miracle

Hello!!!! So to start off this email today I will like to start with today PDAY. So today we started a 60 day workout routine that will get us into shape. So we were pretty exhausted after that! So then we thought it would be a great Idea to hit up a place called Bounce. Holy Cow!! That place was so cool! We had a great time as a district and we were able to learn some cool things! Unfortunately we all forgot our cameras and we were unable to take any pictures. But man it was really cool there and now we are completely tired and sore! So this week was a very normal week here in South Africa! We did do a decent amount of contacting and talking to people but we had a few good lessons! The apex of the week was we started to street contact on Saturday afternoon and as we started to walk we had a member hoot or honk at us. He turned around and explained that he was picking up his son at a friends house and that friend has been interested in the gospel for the longest time. This member did not have our phone numbers and he was living in Bedfordview. Since we just started to open the area and that we are new not to many other Areas have our phone number. We talked to the boy and he was really cool and was willing to learn we set a appointment for next Sunday so we will see how that will go! So that was our little miracle for the week. We are really excited to start to teach him and his family! He has a good knowledge about the church which is always a good foundation. So all in all this week was pretty decent! Nothing to crazy happened and nothing went wrong. But we are pushing forward in Faith which is all we need to do!! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

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