Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, March 6, 2017

Interviews with President Dunn

So this week was a pretty average week! It basically was the same as last week in the fact that we basically did the same stuff nothing really stood out to me at least! One thing that was a bit different was that we had our final interviews with President Dunn. That was a really emotional time and day! The interview went really well and we were able to just talk!! It was really nice! After we were interviewed we had a etiquette lunch and that was nice. Sister Dunn and Sister Tshabalala cooked some really good food and yeah that was really nice!! Basically she just taught us manners which are common sense and I dont understand how people can not be polite! Anyways the week did fly by sooo quick like I feel like it was yesterday that I was last emailing which is the weirdest feeling! But in general all is going well! We were unable to visit a lot of our investigators this week for some reason they all cancelled but whatever! Training is going pretty well for Elder Palkki and he is enjoying mission a lot! Also the district is going well as well!! We are still super close which is always good!! So we get a long and dont want to kill each other yet! But honestly I dont know what else to write! I am sorry for such a short letter!! I wish you all the best!! Stay well! Love you!! 

Elder Cowan

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