Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, May 9, 2016


This week was a awesome week with lessons as well as with as the title says SKYPING!! It was really good to see the families faces and to talk to them and to see how they are doing. But yeah this week we saw some really cool investigators! Hopefully they will be able to make the commitments necessary for baptism! We will see very shortly though! We also went to a place called Sun City which is pretty close to here! It was fun and I got some really cool pictures that will be posted next week! But yeah nothing super eventful other than the fact we saw some guy get hit by a car. We stopped but we could not help due to rush hour traffic. There were people helping already which is good! Hopefully the guy is alright though! Anyways that is really about it this week! Hope all is well with everyone. Love you all!!!

Elder Cowan

Video Coming soon!

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