Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, February 1, 2016

FOOD and Baptism!

Hello All,

Guess what!! I am finally sending some pictures. This last week was pretty nice as well. On Monday we went to the tallest building in all of Johannesburg it was pretty neat! I was impressed at how high up we were. You could literally see everything it was really cool. I felt a bit sketched out driving there and back though cause yanno JoBurg is a sketchy area. We drove right down the middle of the most dangerous place in the city so I was ready to get out of there. This week I also accomplished my own personal goal to not have to make dinner once. We were fed every night by the members. They must have known we were out of allotment or something.. But It happened and it was glorious. While on the subject of food i am very hungry right now and am probably going to get domino's pizza cause it is like 50 Rand for a large Pizza!!! Yeah I can eat the whole thing by my self... I can eat so much now it is not even funny! While still on the topic of food those of you who know me should know how picky i am with food! Well guess what!!! Not anymore i haven't had one thing other than some gross olives that i haven't liked! Like yesterday we had cow liver for lunch and it wasn't to bad! I am even liking Tomato (it is probably my favorite thing to eat on a sandwich) now so its great! You could probably tell how hungry i am sorry about that. I also think i am gaining weight.. I am at 80 KGs now so i dont know what that is in pounds but yeah i am fat. Lets see what else happened this week. Oh yeah the baptism went very well on sunday so that is nice! There should possibly be a picture of that as well. We had some great lessons with members as well as with our investigators. On Saturday we did about 3 hours of service all around. First off we are helping a members friend be able to read and write in English. Then we went and took some chairs back to the chapel and then went an helped set up some YW thing at the church. Anyways time to go sweat in this heat wave that hit this week! And maybe even go get some food! Hope you all have a great week! 

Love, Elder Cowan

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