Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, February 22, 2016

Another week in the book!

Well this week was pretty average! Yet for some reason it went by very very very very very very quickly! We can start with dinner last Monday which was actually very very fun! We were at the Pienaars house who are members in the ward who have a son who is serving in South Jordan  or West Jordan not to sure. Any ways they have two other sons that are back home one who is a return missionary who just got home and a younger one. The Younger one decided to take me on in a drinking contest (seeing who could down punch the fastest). He won the first one barely I beat him the second time when the whole family joined in. We both lost to the other brother who finished a whole glass in 3 seconds.... Then we went for the tie breaker... And we tied.. We found out who was the champion on Friday at sports night with the ward! And of course it was I!!! Lets see we also taught a new investigator that was a referral so that was nice! He is actually very willing to learn the gospel and he is inviting friends when we teach him. The first lesson went well and he has a lot of questions which means he is willing to learn which is good as well. We has some great Recent Convert lessons this week as well I wont go into those cause we had just answered some questions as well as teach the Plan of Salvation again. We also had some good times with members as well! One of the couples in the ward downloaded Meet the Mormons as well as a ton of Im a Mormon videos. So Elder Savage and I have something to keep us busy if the other is either sick or when we have some spare time while we eat! But yeah this week was just about the Same old stuff we normally do! Oh last night was Hilarious Elder Savage had just layed down in his bed and he had rolled over and opened his eyes and there was a big ole' cricket right next to his head! It was quite funny to hear him scream and run into the kitchen to get a container to get it out. Oh yeah it also pooped on his bed! Anyways that is all that happened! I wish everyone a good week!! love ya all!

Elder Cowan

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