Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 First Week in Field. Area: Randburg

Hello Everyone,

Well this week was my first week out in the actual field. It has been very good! I actually have a Threesome for this last week and half of this week. Elder Peterson who is the extra guy for awhile is going back home! (I am a bit jealous) His brother is actually picking him up after his trip to Madagascar which is where he served. My real companion is Elder Savage who is from Sacramento, California. He is pretty great and very helpful. We are serving in a area called Randburg. It is a very big area and it covers one of the richest square miles in all of Africa. Most of the area is very normal and not to bad. There is a somewhat poor part called Windsor and Windsor West. It is just older and has cheaper housing. Its not to bad there though from what i have seen and who i have talked to who lives there. The members in the ward are just awesome. So far we have only had to cook dinner once for ourselves. We have visited some really awesome families this past week. The Dilebo's are awesome!!! They are a family of three Sis Priscilla is the mom then she has two kids named Oarabile who is 16 and really awesome and Suki who is 9. They all have been recently baptized so we are just teaching them about family history work. Oarabile was just ordained to the office of a priest so we are planning on talking about the priesthood with him next time we meet. Oh yeah he is also playing Skyrim for the first time so Elder Savage and I are just giving him a few pointers. Sis. Jackie is awesome as well she has a son name Nathan who is 13. They are very welcoming and very friendly. Then there is Sis Masters who is a old lady from the U.K. she is probably the funniest person i have met so far. She is super sweet and very loving of the Elders. Every time we are there she always has some type of food to give us. Lastly the Pienaars. They have two sons out on mission right now. One is in Scotland and coming home next week and the other is serving is the SLC West Mission!! I was super excited to hear that! Sis Pienaar was very enthusiastic about us missionaries and made me write down my Mothers email and facebook so she could keep in touch. Anyway that was it for this week. I am excited to see where this next week takes me! I love you all.

Elder Cowan

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