Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, May 1, 2017


Well this week we were able to receive our transfer news. Drum rollllllllll........... I am leaving! So I am heading out to Germiston and Alberton. Which is actually right next door to my last area. So I will be moving into the same flat complex that I was in before. So I am excited. I was able to say good bye to some members this past week as well. Not as many as normal due to the fact I was here for such a short time and the members didnt associate much with us even though we tried. Anyways Elder Palkki will be covering Randburg, Sandton, Weltevreden, and Ruimsig. That is 4 wards with two missionaries. He will be paired with Elder Wolfgramm and they willbe together for I dont know how long. My new companion is Elder Gramu. He goes home this next transfer so I have to make him work his butt off for 6 weeks. This week was really nice we were able to see the Wills family who the father is Excommunicated and the wife is inactive and the Kids are not members. They invited us to teach the Kids so we did. It went very well and we were able to break down some old barriers that got put up by other missionaries. Honestly that was the highlight of the week. Nothing super crazy has been happening just packing really! I love you all!! 

Elder Cowan

 The Pienaar's (Members from the Randburg area)

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