Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, February 6, 2017

Transfers and Baptisms

So this week was really eventful!! Basically it started out pretty normal then went different! But lets see we got some new investigators this week which was actually really cool! They were pretty powerful and 3 of them are from one family! That family does not speak much English! I may have mentioned them last week but we started to teach more of them! They were cool and had some really powerful questions! Most of which we were able to answer swimmingly! So the week went on though and Saturday rolled around as normal and we were expecting transfer news as normal as well! So around 4 o'clock, I got a call from President. As we talked he asked if I would be able to Open Weltevreden and Ruimsig (both of which have been closed for at least 15 months). Of course some other areas covered them but still they are rough areas. I said yes of course and he proceeded to ask if I would Train as well! So I said yes again because that is like saying NO to the Lord. So I will be going to some of the Hardest areas in the mission to open and train! It will be a adventure for sure! The coolest part is that it is Right next to Randburg and I will be staying in a four man flat with the missionaries who are opening Randburg! So I am going back home in a way! It will be the same Flat that I started my mission in and yeah! The Randburg Elders one will also be training a new missionary! So that will be really cool and I am excited!! My new Companions name is Elder Palkki and I heard that he is from Ogden. So I will fill you in later cause I get him tomorrow! But yeah! This weeks as well we had Two baptisms! It was a really good meeting as well! Sibusiso who was the man who was baptized invited his mother and she really enjoyed! We have never taught her and I think the Elders will start to! So yeah it was a great week and a bit of a sad one! I had to say goodbye to all of these people that I have grown so close to! It will be hard to leave but I have to! Anyways I love you all and I wish yall the best!! 

Elder Cowan

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