Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, February 13, 2017

New area same flat (I am now a midget)

Well this week was probably the Hardest week I have faced on mission!!! Honestly it was rough but also very rewarding and exciting! So that is very weird but it was good as well! So we had transfers this week Tuesday and yeah I went and picked up my companion Elder Palkki from South Ogden! Also I knew Elder Wolfgramm was a big guy but we did not know about his greenie Elder Shepardson. So it turns out that Elder Palkki = 6'5" Elder Shepardson = 6'6" Elder Wolfgramm = 6'3" and lastly I Elder Cowan = 6'0" and we all live together in the same Flat and are in the same district.... SO I am a midget now. It is quite sad actually I thought I was tall but nope!!! But yeah this week was hard!! We had literally like 4 lessons which is awful compared to the 30 we were getting in my last area. So yeah it is rough but this week is looking up!! This week we contacted a lot and helped out the Randburg elders for potential investigators so it was cool as well! OOOO I got a new car this week it is called a Toyota Etios and it is sweet!! not really but it is hahah it is a stick but has like no features but oh well I really enjoy it!! It honestly is a tin can with wheels but it is pretty cool I think. Next week maybe we will have some sweet action photos of it!! Anyways all is well!! I am just tired we worked really hard this week so yeah that is a good sign all wee need to do is keep working and success will come!! I love you guys!! 

Elder Cowan

Oh... I Forgot...So a guy in our ward that we are serving in is the member of the church that was paralyzed and just finished the Dakar race in southern america! So yeah super cool story!

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