Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Okay This week was pretty decent!! Nothing insane happened but yeah it went by ike any other week!! But yeah lets see this week we found out that we have a stake conference on the 29th of January and guess what we have 3 people scheduled and ready for baptism that day. So we have to move them! Tholoana will not be the happiest cause its her B-day and she wanted too be baptized on her birthday!! So yeah that will be interesting! This week was a little bit slower than the rest though. We had many dropped appointments due to people out of town!!! So that is no good!! But we found some really cool people this week!! One is a investigators mother in law who is staying for a few weeks!! She was really cool and really intrigued by the message of the restoration! So score!!!! Also we taught Anne who is a coloured girl! She actually lives in a place called Soweto but she works in our area and she is always there. Plus the missionaries do not go to where she live cause it is not safe at all!! But yeah that really was the week not much happening here!! Sadly!! But yeah All is well just super hot!!! I will survive though!!! Love ya all!!! 

Elder Cowan

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