Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, April 18, 2016


Well where do I start talking about this week?? Not to much happened on the teaching side. We had a few less active lesson due to getting a list from the Relief Society president as well as a list from the Elders Quorum president! So we did that! We only saw one investigator this week due to people being gone and what not! So now for the fun part....... Transfers....... I am leaving the promised land of Randburg and Sandton and moving about two hours away to a place called Rustenburg. It should be a good move though and much needed! if i stayed any longer here I dont think i would be able to leave. But yeah I am excited! The new companion is from some super small town in very north California so we will see. I think we may get along well. Also this week we got in a car accident. I was driving and I was looking onto on coming traffic while we were going strait and I did not see the brake lights in front of me when my companion yelled STOP!!!! So I slammed on my brakes but it was enough when we went into the back of the other car. Everyone was fine which is the most important part so that is good. But it still kind of sucked so yeah I am not driving anymore for now. But I think that might change very soon so we will see. But yeah really nothing to exciting happened this week just those two fun things. But I am really excited for the transfer and I know it will be good! Sorry for the whole shortness of everything but yeah! I love you all! 

Elder Cowan

                                               Singing to Residents in a Retirement Home

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