Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, April 25, 2016

Transfer Week to the Land of the hot sun!

Eish!!!!! It is hooooot here!! We are about 2 hours north west of where I last was so that also adds extra heat which sucks!!! I have been dying but it is good cause we have AC in the car and about 4 fans going at night! But this area is great!!! The people are very humble and very nice to us! basically I went from having 3 investigator lessons with one coming to church to having 11 with 5 coming to church! It is an awesome ward that is really starting to grow! We will see exactly how much growth but we have 2 people with a baptism date and 1 committed to baptism! It is awesome and great not to be trying to find something to do! I hope all the weeks are this good or even better! they should be but you never know!! The new companion is great!! He is Elder Bakes from Yreka California. It is a really small town up in Northern Cali! But yeah he is cool and very willing to serve! He has only been on mission three months so I am follow up training him you could say.  But yeah not to many crazy things happened this week unlike last week so not to much to write about! Hopefully all is well and that you all stay safe!! Love Ya !!!!

Elder Cowan

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