Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mission Tour

This week on Thursday was a mission tour! So we had a General Authority visit us and instruct us in a conference setting. So for us we had Elder Stanley G. Ellis from the Seventy came and gave us instruction! He is a really cool guy and really able to keep us missionaries involved and not falling asleep! He was really good though he basically talked about not just pleasing god with our work but satisfying him with the work we do! His wife also spoke and she was really funny! She went through all 9 of there children and talked about them and it was just funny! But yeah we learned a lot!! So this week we got these two new investigators Linah and her Daughter Ofentse. They are really cool and really religious and it was fun teaching them! We saw them twice and they understood what we taught and also were willing to learn more as well! We also saw Dumazile and her Husband Godswill! They are super cool as well and are still wanting to learn a grow in the gospel! This week was basically the same though as the others. It was not bad at all but it was not the best!! So yeah we are doing good and it is getting really close to Christmas! WOOOO Hahah But yeah all is well here in South Africa I love yall!! 

Elder Cowan

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