Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, March 28, 2016

"Eggsploding Priesthood Class"

I will start with probably the best thing that has happened to me on mission! In Priesthood class there was a object lesson. This object lesson involved a egg and how you can not break it if you squeeze in a certain spot. Wait before I go any further we meet in the chapel for priesthood. Any way the teacher calls this huge Afrikaner that was visiting to try and break this egg. Well he tried a second couldn't do it then he tried again and next thing you know you hear a huge pop and egg is flying everywhere. It was hilarious cause no one was expecting it! Egg was all over the pews and up on the microphone and basically all over everyone that was there. I somehow avoided the spay which was lucky!! Well for lessons this week was good. We had some amazing lessons with some great people. My favorite was with a investigator named Tarira. Elder Savage, a member, and I had met her when we were tracting in the Randburg CBD (Central Business District) in a apartment building. We taught her then and had a good how to begin teaching. We went back and taught the half of lesson one and then she kind of disappeared. But we called her and set up a time to see her and we were able to finally this Saturday. It had been almost 3 months since we had taught her and it finally worked out. We gave her the rest of lesson one and she took it really well. She doesn't have a opinion on Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon which is good in her case so she can find out! I am excited to keep teaching her! We also had a good lesson with Costa and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He took it well which is good and he came to church. For everyone general conference is next week for us it is in two! We get the broadcast on the 9th and the 10th. On the 3rd for us is a Easter cantata that we are going to hosted by our stake. It will be a great tool to bring investigators to and have them enjoy the music! We are going to a place called bounce today! It is a bit like airborne and it should be fun! We are going with some members and there kids! Anyways I hope everyone has a good week!! Talk to ya soon!

Elder Cowan

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