Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Johannesburg South Africa ~Temple~

Monday, January 4, 2016


Hello All,

This week was a very long week sadly. Everyone and their dog is still out of town which really sucks. I still haven't met any of the progressing investigators in this area after 4 weeks. This week is looking good though. We have a few returning home this week so we have them down on the schedule. During this week was New Years and New Years Eve. On New Years Eve all of our zone except one companionship went to the four ways chapel at 6 p.m. We all brought our own meat and had a nice big Braai. We also played a lot of Basketball as well as some Hacky Sack. We stayed at The chapel till about 12:30 at night and watched the fireworks in the whole area we were. We had a great view of the cities around so it was quite nice. The next day which was New Years Day we were not allowed to teach... so we got three of the Zones around us and went and played sports and had another Braai. We played a ton of rugby and also a ton of basketball with some soccer thrown in here and there and some volleyball at the end. After we left we went and played sports at the chapel with the ward. It was fun we played some soccer as well as some ultimate Frisbee and more basketball. All i can say i was super sore that night as well as the next day. I also got super burnt on my arms and my neck and face. The arms are already tan my face started pealing a bit today and same with my neck! It doesnt hurt anymore so that is nice. The picture is of my arm after that long and painful day. OHHHHH yeah today a huge prawn (a bug) was in our apartment it scared the living crap out of my companion and I and we trapped it in some Tupperware. We left it until we grabbed the missionaries in north riding and had them get it out and kill it for us (they are from Tanzania so they deal with big ol bugs a lot). This thing was as long as my Finger and a bit fatter than it as well it was gross.. Anyway that was the highlight of the weeks so i cant tell if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Anyways hopefully this week will be a bit better with lessons and what not. 

Love, Elder Cowan

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